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Mrs McNally presents a Celtic Cross to Fr Garreth

Congratulations Mary O'Hanlon

Congratulations Gina Montgomery

Gerry Doc who celebrated his birthday on 17th November.

Joe Craig who celebrated his 45th birthday on 9th November 2016. Joe is pictured with his wife Elaine, daughters Arlene and Aimee Jo and Tomas.

Fr Gary

Surprise Surprise

Seamus with Kathleen Carmichael, Ellen Frame and Tanya Carmichael.

Surprise Party

Joan & Patrick McAuley with Seamus.

Seamus Clarke's Birthday Celbrations.

Martin, Seamus and Gerard Frame

Marian & Joe Matthews with Horizon photographer Margaret Fox.

Seamus' Surprise Party

The Clampetts, Jed, Jethro and Granny in the first episode, 'All Is Not What It Seems', after which these three were given their walking papers.

Sr Carmel Martin

Sr Carmel and Fr Gareth

Happy Birthday

50th Anniversary

Sr Rosita with Fr Magill during her 50th Anniversary celebration