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Patrick McArdle and Bobby McFall after a winter round of golf December 2003.

Lynn Hawkins at 40.

Margaret Corrigan and May McCann at a 'Children in Need' function in Pittburgh Bar December 2003.

Sharon and Rab Watt, December 2003.

Elaine Burns, Jenny O'Kane and Nicola Kane, December 2003.

Freddie Hughes presents an Award to Martin Hamill from members of Pittsburg Golfing Society in recognition of his services to the Society over the past year. December 2003.

Pittsburgh Golfer of The Year Awards December 2003.

Jim (Digger) Firth and Ryan Kane December 2004 at a 'Children in Need' function 2003.

Tommy Kelly, Sally Burns, John Hughes, Sean Murphy and Joe Boyle at the 'Children In Need' function in Pittsburg Bar December 2003.

Marianne Kane, Kathleen McLaughlin and Eileen Captain, December 2003.

Nuala Kane 2003.

John Mailey, Gerry Doherty and Martine Stewart, December 2003..jpg

John McFall and his Daughter Mrs Quigley, December 2003..jpg

Lisa, Barbara-Anne and Mrs McClennaghan, December 2003..jpg

Marie Crawford, Bridget Hill and Kathleen Moran, December 2003..jpg

Mary Brady and Geoffrey Roberts, December 2003..jpg

Mary Griffin, Rita Burns and Girlie Breen, December 2003..jpg

Mary Lundy, Rosaleen McAuley and May Doherty in Crumlin Star, December 2003..jpg

Maureen McCann, Bridie Corbett, Jean Thompson and Sally Williamson, December 2003..jpg

Mr & Mrs Rab Stringer, December 2003..jpg