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This image was cut from a photo taken in 1970. The photo was taken from the area above Havana Street and these two children were walking towards the egg factory. Who are they.

The streets of 'Old Ardoyne' 1980

Townland of Edenderry

The Portrush Tramcar 1938

The old Toll House Belfast

Thousands of people at the Albert Clock 1936- for what reason we don't know

The Lamplighter 1940. Notice the Air-Raid Shelters. Where we don't know.

The Old bridge on Cavehill Road.

The Waterworks, when we don't know.

Tram leaving Ligoniel Terminus about 1949.

Painting of The Old Inn Killough 1940s.

Woodvale - Crumlin Road cottage 1933

The start of the Belfast bad spell, March 2013

Whitewashed houses on Ligoniel Road 1960s.

We think Brookfield Street 1969. Anyone know the people


Alliance Avenue 1977

Admiral Hotel

Alliance Avenue - Etna Drive 1978

Anyone know where this is