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1; An ariel view of the proposed build for Ardoyne Hall and the George Mitchell Centre (Monastery site)

2, 4 and 6 Barrack Street. In 1960 No 2 was occupied by Grocer P. Trainor, No 4 was vacant and No 6 was Boot Repairer P. Woods, as it was when this photo was taken.

2; The proposed build for Ardoyne Hall, viewed looking up Crumlin Road..

3 The proposed build for Ardoyne Hall, viewed from the ABC Credit Union, Crumlin Road.

4; The proposed build for Ardoyne Hall, Woodvale Road view.

5; The propose build for the 'George Mitchell Centre' on the site of Holy Cross Monastery.

17. 19. 21 and 23 Brompton Park 1952.

28 Hazelfield Street off Crumlin Road Belfast 1928

49. Ardoyne St, Black Rock Victoria. Austraila

1518 Ardoyne Avenue- Cleveland- USA

A Belfast tramcar.

A Chamberlain Tramcar approaches the Ligoniel - Crumlin Road bend 1950. Little has changed at this point 2012.

A Chamberlain tramcar on Crumlin Road, mid 1940s, with Everton School on the right. which opened on 15th January 1927

A McCreery tramcar on Ligoniel Road about 1950.

A painting of McCabes shop at the corner of Chatham and Hooker Street about 1910. The shop was later owned by Fanny McAuley and finally by Paddy McLaughlin as a Barbers Shop.

A view of Ardoyne and Havana Stree about 1978.

A view of Holy Cross Church snapped from wher was once 'Ned Reid's Corner. The rear of Blackwood's shop can be seen on the left and Frank the Barbers on the right.

Albert Street just after the Arcadian Picture house closed, 1960

All but gone. The remains of Ewarts Mill about 2002.

An aerial view of Ardoyne fromthe Bone Heights in the 1970s.